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How it works

Describe the services or lessons you are going to offer. Mention price, the time required and how will you deliver the service or lesson.
We will display your lessons in our marketplace and do extensive promotion.
Buyer will book your services or lessons and deposit the full amount to EduBow.
Once payment is received we will inform you with the customer’s contact number and job details.
You will then proceed with the task and deliver the same within the proposed timeline.
Once the lesson is delivered please ask the customer or buyer to release your payment.
Customer will review your work and release your payment request.
EduBow will send your payment after deducting commission which you can withdraw to your bank or PayTM.

What services can I sell?

We cover almost all popular subjects starting from Mathematics to Geography to Mechanical Engineering and even Verbal Reasoning. Select a category below to see what subjects we are covering. If your subject is missing in this list kindly write to us at and we’ll try to add it as soon as possible.

Select a category below to know what type of services you can sell.

Frequently Asked Question

When will I receive my payment?

You will receive the money after you deliver your service to the student with full satisfaction. No advance payment is allowed.

Is the payment guaranteed or safe?

Since customer (student) pays full amount during booking itself, it is absolutely safe to deliver the service or products to the customer and get the payment on time. Full payment will be with us till you deliver the service. We’ll release the payment once the service has been delivered to the customer with full satisfaction.

What if the customer refuses to pay after the delivery?

If you provide a good and authentic service then there is no question that customer or student will not release your payment. However, if the work quality is poor or answers given are wrong and incorrect then it is your duty to rectify them and satisfy the customer. EduBow will mediate if there are genuine issues from the customer side despite everything has been delivered correctly and on time. If the customer does not respond within 3 days payment will be released automatically

What skills do I need to have to sell my services?

We expect all our members to have adequate knowledge of using basic online tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, WhatsApp and applications like MS Word, Excel etc. In most of the cases, you need to deliver in PDF format or conduct online session through Skype or Facebook Live etc. You can also provide handwritten solutions provided it is readable, clear and clearly scanned. Mention it while you list your service to avoid any confusion later.

What will be my earning? How much commission will be deducted by EduBow?

For each service or product sold EduBow will deduct 20% commission if you are a basic member. Premium members will pay only 10% commission if they sell their services on our EduBow.

Can I promote my listing personally?

Yes - absolutely. In fact, we advise all members to share their product listing in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram to get more traffic and hence more sale.

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