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Online Physics Classes by expert: Class 9 & 10

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About this Services

Since this is a one to one class, it's highly beneficial for :-

1. Students who are weak and afraid to ask doubts in regular classrooms and tuition centers.

2. Bright and smart students who don't get enough exposure at school. Direct interaction with teacher will provide them an opportunity to work with their full potential.

This course will provide complete Syllabus of Class 9 & 10 Physics.

Why this service is great?

This course will provide the necessary individual attention that a student deserves during the studies.
Focus will be on conceptual understanding and doubt clearing. Classes will be on hourly basis and can be arranged as per the wish of student.


Vaibhav Singh

Male, 32 Years

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I am basically an engineer from IIT Roorkee and I like to teach. I simply love Physics and I like the way how simple laws of physics govern our day to day life. I was an average student at school and faced a lot of problems specially in Science and Maths during class 9 and 10. So I would love to share how I overcome this situation and how these subjects later become my favourite subjects in school.