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Online Training for TOEFL Preparation l Study Abroad

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Online Tuitions for TOEFL Preparation Help

I have trained, 100 professional and ensured 70% of students to get their target score of 100 and 100 +, while they write their exams, Rest 30% i have tried my level best , but they had to give their second attempt to get their desired band

1.By the end of sessions, the students will be able to identify the key strategies for listening and reading 2. By the end of sessions, the students will better able to write their essay, using writing strategies such as cohesion, coherent, organisation, grammatical range, 3. By the end of sessions, the students will use phonemic sounds, while they prepare for their speaking test

Course Duration- 40 hrs

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Training Content:
Presentation Skills – The Rule of three / what will they be/ Plan to rehearsal/ Tell Stories / lose the bullet points/ Confidence
Email Etiquettes – Lexical Resource/Effective sentence/Task Response/ Cohesive/ Cohesion/Organization
LSRW – Listening Speaking Reading Writing (Orientating yourself to text / Listening specific information / identifying things Main idea & Supportive ideas / Sign post words
Grammar – Use of tense, Different forms of Verb, Causative, Conditional Clauses, Adjective, Adverb, Article, Noun, (Subject+Verb Agreement)
Phonemic Sounds – Monophthongs, Diphthongs and Consonants (Voiced and Unvoiced),
Learning on Contracted Speech – Assimilitation, Liaison and Ellison

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