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Solve any 10 Physics Problems l NEET Preparation Help

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About this Services

Clear your doubts in NEET Physics with enthusiastic Physics educator from B.Tech background and having experience of more than 1.5 year in Online doubt solving platform.

Aspiring for a high rank in NEET? Need help with any question paper or solution of any physics problems?

I can provide detailed and step by step solutions for you. My notes/solutions are easy to understand and will give you guaranteed understanding of the logics.

Why this service is great?

As I already having experience in doubt solving platform, I would be completely able to perform well & clear doubts ranging from Kinematics to Rotation or any other topic on NEET Level.

I have already Interacted with more than 500 students in solving their total of more than 4000 doubts online.


Narayan Dewangan

Male, 23 Years

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Final year B.Tech graduating student from IIT Guwahati 2019 Batch with 2 yrs of tutoring experience.

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