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I help with study materials and notes in zoology and ecology and environment

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About this Services

As you hire me firstly I shall provide you with study materials and notes. Since each chapter contains questions which has marks fetching, I shall support the answers with graphs, tables, flowcharts, statistical calculations etc. Few of the questions are very tough and for this you shall be provided with ongoing research and the research which has been completed. In this way you save time while browsing. Each topic is also provided with diagrams and figures well labelled that may be e-scanned and provided to you. If you are interested on projects in ecology I shall also provide it. If required, extensive tutoring may be provided to you for concept and understanding of the the topics. A concise,short and to the point answers to be provided for the relevant topics that are current and mostly asked in different college and competitive exams. Comparative study is done in taxonomy with relative identifying characters which is a classical zoology for further study in pursuing research.

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Why this service is great?

My service is to be hired as it is a platform for vast research due to IT. With lot of relevant topics and time consuming you can save time as we have been in this field from above 10 yrs and also successfully imparting education to college students and guiding research activities.