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About this Services

I have 6 year experience of training students on their Communication Skills.

Will provide my students help in improving and polishing their communication skills for both writing and speaking.

I make sure that my students are confident and fluent when communicating in the outer world. I work on the more weaker aspects of my students communication and polish their speech and personality together in order to provide perfect set of communication skills.

*Communication Skill Training
*Spoken English Online
*English Grammar
*Communicative English

Why this service is great?

I teach via skype where I have face to face interaction with my students. Work on their Interactive Module and Writing Module.


Mujeeba Memon

Female, 30 Years

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Teaching has always been an passion of mine and I believe that I am good at it. I believe that in order to become a good teacher you need to know your students well and that is what I do. I try my best to understand my students and work according to their pace so that they understand better.