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Maths Online Classes for CBSE X

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About this Services

I can provide on line tuition in mathematics for both CBSE and Local State Board up to
X standard. I can also help in quick home work and also clear doubts of the students either in the subject or in the solution of any problem.
I can also provide on line tuition on English grammar up to X st.d.
The services will be provided on hourly basis subject to a minimum of Half an hour.

Why this service is great?

1.My teaching will be simple and very logical.
2.My emphasis will be on teaching the 'Know why "rather the "Know how:
3.I stress on the basics.
4.My method either in the tuition or in homework will be more interactive in that it will not be a monologue by the tutor but a dialogue in the true sense.
5.I shall make the not so tough problems interesting to the student while the tough problems, a challenge which he will counter with some help from me.
6.I shall make my students realise that the Fear for maths is only a
7.Last but not the least my charges are very reasonable.,


Ganesan Rajamani

Male, 69 Years

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Graduate in Electrical Engineering with more than 30 years experience in dairy sector in operation and maintenance of dairy machinery and equipment. After retirement ,I am conducting private tuitions for the past 6 years to school going children upto X standard ( both CBSE and State Board) in Mathematics and English.