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I can solve any 10 math problems from RD Sharma book for CBSE Class 9

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I teach through skype and paint whiteboard.I involve students to work together at all steps so that the concept is very very clear. After solving the problems I give practice questions which students can solve at his/her spare time.

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My proficiency in teaching Math has been more than a decade. I have taught over a thousand students in my career with successful results in both board and competitive examinations. I have a lucid teaching approach that can be understood by anybody no matter what his/her educational background is. So, if you are looking for complete value for money, I am the one to go for.


Palak Kanti Maitra

Male, 76 Years

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I am a retired Mechanical Engineer. I have been an online math tutor at TutorVista for more than 10yrs. I have a lot of experience teaching India, US and UK level math to high school and college level students. I have used different learning software from whiteboard to surface pens to teach my students. I have always tried to customize the instruction to suit my students learning styles and needs. I have used Skype and Hangout to communicate with my students. I also prepare my instructional manuals to prepare myself ahead of each class. I never feel any topic is alien to me as I always try to research and self-teach before attempting to solve a problem.

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