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I have introduced time-tested modules of skill-based and power-packed; In-Home/Office English-speaking programmes Learning with most suitable and productive way as per one's specific needs. Online-faculty at your place (Individual/Group) Focusing on spoken english, and improving one's grammar with infusion of vocabulary.
The slot of an hour is practically bifurcated for improving and understanding your english proficiency and enhance it in most elaborated methods. Can speak, read and understand english with ease. Practicing your english under the guidance of very well-versed and experienced visiting/online faculty, who can provide valuable insights of all aspects of english (Grammar, Sentence-structure and Phrases), which can work effectively in one's communication with confidence within few sessions.

Why this service is great?

I am giving you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results. Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or you are a student, Executive , House wife , we have the right English speaking course for you, making you speak fluent English with neutral accent guaranteed !
Varieties of useful English lessons and ideas for teachers and students of any language. Explore the variety of English lessons and learn!
Easy English
Short dialogues with Easy English Lessons for Beginners.
Real Conversations
Short scripts on real conversations and interviews, with transcripts of the conversations so you can read and implement at the same time. It is a good way to learn real English.
Course Objectives:
Frame grammatically correct sentences in English.
Fluently speak in English in any situation.
Express yourself in groups of people confidently.
Able to present your thoughts more effectively.
Course Goals:
The purpose of the course is to synchronize educational fineness with human excellence, to promote self-development and creativity in a stress free atmosphere, to emphasize on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with the learner’s heritage. Moreover, it is to develop a more qualified and learned society. The goal is to create a society where English speaking capability can be harnessed by each and every individual to increase his/her potential to succeed in their professional and personal life. We seek to liberate the person from his inability to communicate in the corporate language of India, which is English.
Course Highlights
Everyday communication - Introduction, Shopping Meeting friends, Traveling, Visiting a doctor Telephonic communication, Negotiation, At the movie Theatre, At the office, Meeting
Manners & Etiquettes. Building confidence and developing presentation skills.
Free Assistance after completion of course
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Advanced English Speaking

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